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The best answers for lock related questions are listed on this page. Do you lock the second floor windows? Learn why it is important to do that, the difficulties coming from wooden doors and why offices must be secured properly.

Is my door lock master keyed?

In case of apartments, the doors are usually master keyed as it is convenient to the property owner and useful in case of emergencies. The problem lies in the fact that up to 32 keys can be used to open the lock that is master keyed. If required, you may want to add a second deadbolt lock to your apartment door for safety. You could alternately ask one of our technicians at the locksmith company in Chino Hills  to check if the lock is master keyed.

Why are wooden doors hard to lock?

This is due to the intrinsic character of wood, which tends to expand due to humidity and contract in dry weather. This affects the alignment of the door and its hardware and this makes it hard for the door to lock or open easily. Our trained experts in Chino Hills can check on the lock and recommend the right solution. In any case, do not attempt to cut the wood on your own.

How can I reinforce office security?

Install electronic locks to main entrances and offices, where you keep important documents and valuables. The specialists of our locksmith company in Chino Hills would also suggest installing a master key system, which will allow you to give access to certain employees to some rooms. Don't forget to install alarm systems with sirens and file cabinet locks.

Should I secure top floor windows as well?

It's always best to take the best measures possible and that's why our company in Chino Hills would recommend installing locks to all entrances of the house. Don't forget that intruders can reach any point with the help of a ladder or tree branches. So, make sure all door locks and windows are secured.

Are keyless entry options available for a business?

Yes. Many keyless entry systems are designed for commercial businesses and high traffic use. Our technicians can show you an extensive selection of keyless entry systems and employee entry systems where employees can enter by just swiping a card, use push buttons or enter using a key fob. Give us a call and we will be happy to explain the advantages of each entry system.

Can you make a copy of my key outside your office?

Yes, in most cases we will generally have no trouble making extra keys for you at your home, business, or even on the highway at your vehicle. Each of our locksmiths carries with them the key blanks, tools, and special equipment to make duplicate keys for you no matter where you happen to be located.

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